Why yes, that IS the most Instagrammable spot in town. Food’s pretty good too. Just sayin’. Here’s what the fabulous owner (and pal of Drake’s – casual) Noora Salem told us about her pink palm tree-filled brainchild on Al Wasl Road…

What did you want to achieve with Vibe?

I wanted to start that ‘your friendly neighbourhood cafe’ around the corner type thing. The kind that brings everyone in to feel good both inside and outside… hence the name. But most importantly, I wanted a venue that offered quality food for an affordable price, and to cultivate a gateway for all entrepreneurs to showcase their products. So I dedicated a wall embedded with lockers for retail that give individuals the space to start their own thing… even if that is by selling their products on a small wall. We all have to start somewhere, right?

What do you think makes it special?

How it gives you a colourful hug once you step in; its just feel good vibes all the way – fluorescent lighting, quotes, and happy colours! I wanted to create a space that makes someone feel like they just-went-to-an-amusement-park-kinda-happy; even if it’s grabbing coffee to go – it gives you joy! We are all about good vibes, good food, and creative puns. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, and a calm soul.

How much of your personal style we can see in the restaurant?

Vibe is literally me… except more colourful! Every design, food, drink… even the playlist represents my taste and sense of style.

We’ve seen Drake is a big fan. How did that come about?

Drake is a great, wonderful, humble friend; he even created his own drink. He showed his love and support and gave us a shout out on Instagram. He’ll definitely be the guest of honour the next time he visits Dubai!

Talk us through your puntastic menu

My dear friend Dalal thought of turning everything into a pun; she’s known to be quirky and came up with names that always made me laugh. People love the names and I am so glad! The other day we made a new drink… I called my friend and was like, “We made a drink with mango, what do you suggest?” She said, “Noora, just name it ‘Let that Man-go.'” Come on… tell me that wasn’t awesome to come up with on the spot!

Vibe UAE, 590 Al Wasl Road, Dubai. Visit for more information

Posted by Olivia Philips On Grazia Middle East